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Zinc Lozenges provide 10 mg zinc glycinate which is very easily absorbed. These pastilles are sweetened (with sorbitol) and flavoured (with natural orange extracts), making them convenient for use by people of all ages.

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Background information 

Zinc is a well-known essential trace element involved in a large number of vital metabolic reactions within the body. Pollution, stress, medicines, denatured food products, alcohol, imbalances in intestinal flora etc. are all factors that can impair or even prevent absorption of minerals and trace elements and zinc in particular. As in the case of vitamin C or vitamin D, everyone should supplement their intake of zinc, which is a vital element.

The following general signs may indicate a zinc deficiency: repeated infections, suppressed immunity, reproductive problems, skin problems, fragile nails and hair or problems relating to growth. As a cofactor in superoxide dismutase (SOD), zinc can also be seen as a nutrient with antioxidant effects, which reinforces the mechanisms that protect the body from free radicals. An oxidised, rapidly ageing body may also reflect a zinc deficiency. High levels of zinc help to provide protection from certain toxic heavy metals, especially cadmium and lead.

Numerous studies have highlighted the fundamental role of zinc in human immune responses. In order to reproduce quickly and work effectively, cells in the immune system absolutely require adequate amounts of zinc and this must be easily absorbed and bioavailable.

Adequate levels for daily zinc supplementation are 10 mg in children and at least 15 mg for adults, since intake from food alone is insufficient.

During specific periods such as pregnancy, adolescence (girls in early menstruation) or after the menopause, and for people with diets low in meat or animal products (vegetarians, vegans), or regular episodes of depression, zinc supplements should be taken on a regular basis.

Indications for Zinc Lozenges 

  • Problems with : immunity, skin, hair, stress, premature ageing.
  • Specific periods : pregnancy, growth, older people, menstruation, depression, during winter.

Usage tips

General: suck three tablets per day between meals.


Each tablet contains 10 mg zinc glycinate – sorbitol – citric acid – natural orange extract – magnesium stearate – Total weight of lozenge: 11 mg


Bottle containing 100 tablets.


IMPORTANT : take for at least three months!

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